Mencha Michael Nikolaevich

Biofouling of drinking water supply systems

and control methods


Key words: biofouling, Leptothrix, iron bacteria, drinking water supply, secondary pollution of water, okker sediments, biologically active loading.

Object of researchbiofouling of network and facilities of drinking water supply in Baranovichy and water conditioning units in Novopolotsk, Polotsk, Vitebsk. Subject of research – microflora of potable water, bioactive loading at iron removal stations, biofouling cenoses at the surface of water pipelines and networks.

The purpose of workresearch of biofouling microbial cenoses and processes they are involved in to develop effective methods of biofouling control in systems of drinking water supply from underground sources.

Methods of research. Microbiological, chemical and technological methods were used.

The obtained results and their novelty. Scientific results of the present work expand and deepen available data about quantitative and qualitative composition of microbial cenoses responsible for biological fouling of drinking water supply systems.

The microbial structure of biofouling and bioactive loading (BAL) was originally defined. It is established that dominating organisms of microflora of underground sources and biofouling are iron bacteria.

For the first time the active role iron bacteria and other organisms in microflora of underground waters in formation of catalytic film on filter packing (chipped rubble) operating according to simplified aeration scheme and in intensification and deepening of water decontamination process, which is recommended for prevention of negative biological effects in water supply systems has been demonstrated.

The interrelation between structure of okker sediments and mechanism of their formation was originally found and offened for use in primary express-control of iron removal process.

The scheme of secondary water pollution in pipelines where the key role is allocated to biological factor is proposed. The impact of various disinfecting agents on microflora and biocenoses of biofouling was investigated.

The finding of our research loid the basis for recommendations to develop effective methods of prevention and treatment of biofouling in systems of drinking water supply from underground sources at municipal water distribution networks across Belarus.

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